About Me


Welcome to Parenting in the Wilderness. I’m Asha. I’m of Indian descent, I grew up in Western Australia, and now live in Texas. All of the places I’ve lived, all of cultural spaces I inhabit, and how all of that combines with my husband’s background, affect the way we parent.

We’ve lived in many remote places, away from family and friends since our eldest was just five months old, so we have always parented in the wilderness. And we’ve been fortunate to meet many wonderful friends, medical professionals, educators and supporters along the way.

This blog (which I tend to fairly erratically) is a record of learning to be a mother to two teenaged boys, a long way from the friends, family and support networks that I grew up with. I refer to my children as Godzilla and the TeenWolf to protect their privacy throughout this blog.

When I’m not writing you’ll find me swimming, taking photographs, or wrangling the children and animals with my husband.

You can find more of my work at FlAsha TalesModern LossPANK, and It Starts With Hope.  You can also find my work at Dead Housekeeping, where I’m a contributing editor.


6 thoughts on “About Me

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    • Hah! That’s part of the quintessential nature of being Australian, isn’t it? Forever heading off to elsewhere. I’m sure it’s ingrained in the psyche.

      So, you’re in Vietnam? The photos on your post are wonderful!

      • Something about Australia’s cultural identity founded in displacement…

        Thank you, yes, I’m in Viet Nam. It is such a dynamic, vibrant place – I’d be doing something wrong if my photos of it were boring.

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